3-30 Day Platform for Success

Tried, Tested and Proven!

Personal one-on-one coaching, designed to get you refocused and on the right track to success!

This back-to-basics 90-day program has enabled many new salespeople to launch their careers to success. This program has been implemented by hundreds of salespeople who are now averaging over $350,000 a year in income.

Learn the systems and skills that enabled Aaron to earn over $1,000,000 in his first year in the sales business. Learn what you need to do every day to succeed in this 30 day, structured, task-based business plan that places a pinpoint focus on getting the right results.

This program is intense, it’s a commitment, and it will change your current career path because it works. For availability, pricing or more information please contact us today.

Building a Power Sales Team

How to Get the Right People at the Right Time

For the high producing sales person who wants to make the leap to superstardom!

Are you considering building a sales team to take your business to the next level? If you have reached a point in your career where you have more business than you can handle, you might be considering retargeting the direction to grow your team and business. By focusing on surrounding yourself with a power team, you will find it easier to grow your business even further and deliver real results.

For Aaron, building a strong team was the key to developing a multi-million dollar business. If you want to take your business to the next level and need to restructure your team and work environment to achieve it, this is the program for you.Your team and how it operates can have a tremendous impact on your future business… good and bad. Learn how to create a team that works smarter, not harder.

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Dream Team Recruiting

The Ultimate Guide to Building the Dream Team of Employees

Build your dream team.

We’ve all been told, “It’s a numbers game.” and “It’s a contact sport.”. While a portion of that is true — you do have to contact a number of people continuously to recruit new sales people and build your company — it’s not just about numbers or contact. It’s about people and relationships. Getting to the heart of what makes people tick is the number one job you have as a business leader.

In terms of staying relevant with both current salespeople and potential recruits they hope to bring aboard, one of the hardest things for leaders and managers to do is to know what to say, how to say it, and when to say it.

Aaron Hodson has designed a program to help you hit your recruiting and retention goals. After more than 17 years in this business and over 3000 salespeople recruited, Aaron knows that salespeople will leave their current place of employment due to a lack of three things: support, recognition, and opportunity. Learn how to ensure they stay in your business.

What will you get from this program?

A powerful, results-driven resource for business leaders to both recruit and retain top-talent that will enhance and grow their team.You can expect to:

  • Learn how to build the source of leads for your dream team
  • Discover how to create a solid task-based business plan to build and keep the momentum growing
  • Receive professional coaching support from one of the top recruiting coaches in the business
  • Understand how to maximize your business
  • Gain intensive recruitment training and supplementary materials — including scripts, dialogues, and objection handlers

Ready to grow your business, market share, team of talented professionals, and profitability? You’ve come to the right place!

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Leadership and Management Coaching

The New View in Leadership

The New View in Leadership Coaching.

The results and success of your business is a direct reflection of the style of leadership you deliver to your team on a daily basis. Retention, recruitment, culture, and production of a business are all significantly impacted by how you lead your people.

Leadership and management coaching with Aaron will walk you through the process and skills needed to develop and grow a successful office. Providing outstanding, proven strategies to develop peak performance in all aspects of your business, Aaron can help you develop a successful plan to lead your team and improve overall business performance.

Most business leadership coaching is theoretical, but Aaron’s program is real and action-based. By using a leadership style that built a $20 million+ business in three years, he will show you the proper way to face traditional leadership challenges and develop meaningful relationships with your employees.

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Next-Level Performance Coaching


For the Seasoned Professional looking to go from Good to Exceptional!

No matter the company or business venture, those who have reached great business success all have one thing in common: access to a coach or mentor who has provided invaluable guidance and support along the way.

The objective of the Aaron’s One-on-One coaching program is to engage in regular, structured meetings with clients that work toward building a foundation for success. This program enables you to understand your role in achieving business success and how to enhance your performance in ways that are measurable and sustainable. The coaching process may take different forms and involve different goals (e.g., problem solving, career and succession planning, leadership/executive development) but throughout, there is a targeted focus on the business objectives of both you and your business.

The objective of this program is to establish an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect, safety, and accountability to motivate both the client and the coach. The relationship must be ethical and rewarding, based on appropriate professional experience, business knowledge and an understanding of the individual and organizational change required.

What makes Aaron’s program stand out from other one-on-one coaching programs is that he has actually achieved success from what he teaches — a result few coaches can claim. For availability, pricing or more information please contact our team by filling out the form on the right hand side of this page.


What Aaron's Clients Say

I used him as a sounding board every time I had an idea and every time without fail I learned something from him… he has had a huge impact on me and my business.

— Dino Katsiametis —

Aaron is one of the gifted few that I have come across who intuitively understands the unique nuances of his clients and seamlessly navigates their path to success.

— Sally Royer —

Aaron is one of the most inspirational coaches I have seen. His direct and clear approach to success has changed my business. More importantly, he has done it. Very few coaches have achieved the success that they teach. Learning from someone who coaches from real life lessons is so powerful.

— Monica —